I’m Sensing a Disturbance in the Force…

Ah yes, a Star Wars reference. Gotta love those!


Usually when you heard this line in the movies, something BAD has just happened, but I’m using it in a good sense.


I’m sensing a disturbance, a shift per say in what I’m seeing on Social Media. I’m sensing people who are beginning to go back to the roots of social media, and recognizing the problem that is, no social activity on social media.


For example, let’s look at Twitter. When you open up Twitter, how often do you see a tweet that simply says, “Hello, how are you?”, or “What do you have planned for your day today?” Let’s just say it’s slim to none. Instead what you get is a bombardment of promotion after promotion. Link after link. “Value” after “value”.


Then you look a little deeper and you find the disturbance in the force. You see people like Jennifer Quinn, Victoria Taylor, Tony Busko, Ant Pruitt, and Blake Croft, who notice that social media isn’t social anymore. These are the people who long to have a social platform that’s all about engaging and not broadcasting. (This is why many of these folks are on Snapchat)


It’s time to give in to this disturbance. It’s time to migrate back to the roots of social media and become social creatures again. For a moment shift your focus off of dollars that social may bring you, and rather focus on social as the avenue to connect to REAL human beings with REAL emotions and feelings!


What do you think? Let me know in the comments below if you agree or disagree.



Blake Croft

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