It’s Time! Making My Passion My Reality!

I love my job. But I REALLY love my passion.


Just in case you didn’t know, I’m currently employed at Food City in my local town as an assistant manager, and MAN is it a great job! If you knew me just four months ago, I couldn’t have said that. I was employed with a company where there was nothing but disorganization and oppression. Now things are MUCH better!


While I love my new job tremendously, what REALLY sets me on fire is my PASSION. 


Just in case you didn’t know, my passion is PEOPLE and helping them achieve their goals. Specifically in the area of business. Specifically in the area of business on Snapchat and Live Streaming. That’s what drives me when I set my feet on the ground each day. That’s why I’m so passionate about writing each day, and throwing myself out there to various snapchatters, podcasts, and blogs. I’m ready to make my passion a reality!


I’m tired of sitting on the sidelines, hoping that my passion just happens. No! I’m going to make it happen! I know this has been said many times, but if you want something bad enough, you have to put in the work for it!


So many of you right now are in this trap. You’re on the sidelines unsure of the next play. You don’t know the next steps to take. You are paralyzed by fear! Here’s my advice. #BlakeSays. Just take one step at a time. Write that blog post. Publish that course. Upload that podcast. Upload that YouTube video. Launch your coaching program. Who cares if it sucks at first?! Learn from your mistakes and GROW! You have to start somewhere! Start ONE step at a time.


If you need a little boost, here comes the right hook, why don’t we chat about it? Let’s form a strategy for you to use on Snapchat and Live Streaming! Yep, this is me living out my passion by offering you a 15 minute call on me. We all need direction, and I’d love to help you seek out that ONE step you need to take to get over fear paralysis!


You want to make it happen? Just pick your time here. I’m only taking 5 calls for the rest of this week. Grab a spot QUICK! 🙂



Blake Croft

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