Why I Made a New Decision about the “Be Everywhere” Strategy?

First off, this post isn’t what you think.


I still don’t agree with the “be everywhere” philosophy taught by many social media “pros”, that implies you MUST be active on EVERY Social Media platform.


However, I have rethought the idea just a bit. Let me share with you what I mean.


I do believe that you should at LEAST be everywhere in the sense that you have an account on each network. Sure you’re not active there, but at least take the time to set your profile up, and keep your profile pics and bios in sync.


Then focus all your energy on learning one or two platforms. I mean really dig in your roots. Call one or two platforms home. Be known as the “Snapchat guy or gal” or the “Twitter Guy or gal.”


What you will find is, when you meet new people and make friends on one network, they go find you everywhere else!!


For example, I am a Snapchat ADDICT. Snapchat is my home base. What I have found is people who follow me, and enjoy my stuff on Snapchat, find me on Twitter. Then Facebook. Then Instagram. It’s crazy. Am I active on Facebook or Instagram?? No, but none of these people care about that right now. Should I become active on those platforms SOON? Oh sure absolutely!! You don’t want to let those new followers down.


But allow me to relieve you of just a little bit of stress. You don’t HAVE to be active on EVERY social platform. Be there, but make one or two your home base. Then as you learn the others, build from there.


I hope this helps. Let me know what you think in the comments below. How many social networks are you active on?



Blake Croft

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